Dabaang 3 (2019)


Produed by Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Nikhil Dwivedi, Dabangg has turned into a successful franchise after the previous two thriving outings. This time it is Prabhu Deva who wields the megaphone. The success of this film is of importance to SK after his recent fiascos.

Story? Well, this is a SK film, so Dilip Shukla(writer) doesn’t try much, he lazily mentions some scenes that have made SK the star he is for years. The usual SK frolics is strewn every inch of the screen and his fans might lap it up however laborious it may seem, but for the rest you look around the theatre to see if you are the only one who is not having fun. There are a number of scenes in the name of comedy that are squirm worthy and so unbecoming of the star that SK is. The movie is all about how The Dabangg became Chulbul Pandey(if you truly cared) and for that you get to see the “supposedly” cute side of SK in the screenplay. The angry Dabangg returns post the flashback to haunt us for the rest of the film with no respite.

Salman Khan as usual has worked very hard for the film, not on screen though, but in the gym. Sudeep in an underwritten role showcases briefly why he is one of the finest actors down south. Sonaksh and Saiee do what is expected out of a SK’s heroine, act dumb and look good. The rest deliver their “dramatic” performances to the T.

Mahesh Limaye’s cinematography works very well and is at times ingenious too. Sajid Wajid rehash most of their tunes that are badly placed and their background score turns out to be annoying. Dialogues surprisingly are silly, regressive and offer no relief. Editing by Ritesh Soni is half baked. Prabhu Deva disappoints as the director.

DABANGG 3 is no surprise, for SK fans and not so SK fans.. SlicK for them and SicK for the rest.




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