Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)

This film start with Yip Man watching his student “Bruce Lee” fighting at the San Francisco stadium, flashback of he diagnose having cancer, one of Bruce Lee’s student invite Yip Man to San Francisco watching him demonstrate Chinese martial art, and an U.S. local Chinese community leader “Wan Zong Hua” refuse to writing a recommendation letter for Yip Man, because Bruce Lee teaching white people martial art scene!

As turnout, this chapter is about a marine officer “Barton” despise Chinese Kung Fu, he want to defeat all the Chinese Kung Fu master to prove karate more superior, and Yip Man stood out to defend them! Entire film full of touching and intense martial art scene! Touching scene! Such as, Yip Man’s son eventually answer his father call, after he knowing his father had cancer! All the martial art scene actually quite over par and satisfy! Such as, first one, Bruce Lee fighting with a man at the street scene!

The nunchaku playing by Bruce Lee surprising good in this scene! He never hit by the nunchaku on the face! Second one, Yip Man fighting with Wan Zong Hua scene! This scene eventually end with the house shaking and the chandelier fell down! Third one, Colin fight with Hartman at the marine training ground scene!

The martial art in this scene also quite intense and watchable! Fourth one, Colin challenge all the Chinese Kung Fu master at the Chinatown scene! This scene eventually end with Yip Man take down Colin by his famous “Yip Man punch”! Fifth one, Barton take down several man at the martial art school scene! This scene had things broken and quite impressive kicking and punching! Sixth one, Barton fighting with Wan Zong Hua scene! Barton defeat Wan Zong Hua in this scene! This scene had hand and leg broken and bloody scene! Last one, surely is the most epic one! Barton fight with Yip Man scene! Yip Man wounded on the ground and mock by Barton, Yip Man eventually defeat Barton by broken his leg, hand and neck! At the end, Yip Man back to his house and teaching his son martial art! Yip Man want his son record he hitting the dummy! Yip Man died and Bruce Lee attend his funeral! That’s it! Definitely a must watch film for action fans! Surely we will remember the significant quote of this saga forever! “I want fight with ten men”!

Review by kwenchow


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