Psycho (சைக்கோ) Movie Review

Psycho is written and directed by Mysskin. The film is produced by Arun Mozhi Manickam under Double Meaning Production. PC Sreeram walked out of the film and his assistant Tanvir Mir took charge.
Psycho thriller films give the makers unbridled freedom to engage in gruesomeness and violence. Mysskin is known for his brand of violence and character depiction, and with a subject as this, he attempts to push the bar further. The first half is largely unimpressive and riddled with foolish logic, silly humour and and an even more sillier romance. The romance drags the film down despite being pivotal to the plot. The bizarre quirkiness of the characters do get tiresome. The second half offers some hope in this by then very predictable fare. The unravelling of the plot is what remains and despite the small twists they are on expected lines as you would expect in this genre. Yes the second half too has its own share of incredulous reasoning.
The characters in the film are stiff(again no prizes for guessing why) Blind Udaynidhi Stalin delivers an obtuse performance. Aditi Rao in a single dimensional role has nothing to offer. Nithya Menon is the only one who is spirited. The rest are okay.
Tanveer Mir’s cinematography despite the right frames in a gloomy atmosphere is fine. Ilayaraja once again proves his mettle in the background score. The dialogues are weak. Arun Kumar the editor, largely parrots the director’s views. Direction by Mysskin is templated.
PSYCHO is ordinary, fiddly and unintelligent..

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