Santhanam’s Hand made films and 18 Reels produce this film that is written and directed by debutant Vijay Anand who happens to have assisted director Shankar.

An usual story told in a very usual way DACKALTY is what you expect in a Santhanam film, one liners and counters and some action to prep up Santhanam to the next stage. But then the action scenes are badly executed and the comedy is largely inconsistent. The screenplay is very predictable and lacks intensity.

A thin but not mean Santhanam is good in comedy but when it comes to drama, action or even trying to be cool, he is totally out of place. Rittika Sen tries her best to imitate Nayantara and succeeds too at times. Yogi Babu is what you typically expect him to do. Radha Ravi and Tarun Arora are the very ordinary villains.

Deepak Kumar Padhy’s cinematography is normal. Vijay Narain tries some new sounds and is quite okay. Editor TS Suresh minimizes the narration but could have done more. Dialogues are plain and direction for a first timer average.

DACKALTY is the ordinary run of the mill film that might find a few takers for a fewer laughs.





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