OMK is a romcom is written and directed by debutant Ashwath. The film is produced by Ashok Selvan
Abhinaya Selvam and Dilli Babu.

No surprises. Valentine’s Day every year brings in its share of such candy floss movies that are hardly surprising and mostly stale. OMK begins rather sketchily and the humour in parts too is weary. The “God” bit is supposed to be entertaining, but ends up less amusing. It’s the second half that the real drama unfolds and the writer should be appreciated for weaving some novelties without being formulaic. The film surprisingly overcomes the jaded first half and finds surefooting in the second with a couple of clever references to the first half. The emotions work and the drama too makes its presence felt without going overboard. The climax is a nice fit though clearly forecast.

Ashok Selvan is fine, yet a better performance or performer could have upped the proceedings. It’s the heroines in the form the talented Ritika Singh and Vani Bhojan who bring the scenes to life with some very good acting skills. Sha Ra is good. And it’s good to see a fit Vijay Sethupathi in the film, but again in his usual mannerisms. VS, save for some initial opening for the film, doesn’t do much in the film. Rest are okay.

Vidhu Ayyanna’s cinematography keeps pace with the mood of the film. Leon James’s background score though cliche is an asset. Songs though are just about okay. Dialogues are good. Editing by Boopathi Selvaraj could have been finer.( The VS bit). Direction by Ashwath is commendable for a debutant.

OH MY KADAVULE despite its contrived first half is an enjoyable fare post that and the young crowd will lap it up..





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