It’s a one woman show with Priya Krishnaswamy writing and directing this film. She also edits and produces this film.

The story of BAARAM isn’t new. The subject has been touched upon in a couple of main stream films and quite recently, delicately and yet in an entertaining way in KD (Karuppu Durai). PK’s serious approach towards the subject of the film results in a documentary kind of presentation gives a Teflon coating to the emotions that are exhibited on screen. Yes it does look natural and not forced and yet it comes across more like a news item than a film that moves you.

Raju, Sugumar, Muthukumar all perform well despite the minor glitches. Jayalakshmi is impressive. The rest are decent enough.

Technically the film is adequate. With limited production budget it shows in the frames of Jayanth. Ved Nair’s music is quite okay. Dialogues are good and editing by PK again sticks to the norms. Direction by PK is good.

BAARAM is an attempt to lift the veil of an inhuman act but still comes with its own set of flaws.



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