Produced by Rooby Films under Hasheer this film is written and directed by Bose Venkat. This rural drama is Bose Venkat’s debut in direction having been quite popular as an actor in Kollywood and Television.

KM takes the case of caste killings that has gripped the state and the country of late and gives it a heady mix of emotions and melodrama to point out its curse. The messaging is clear but it is not loud and preachy, at the same time the “serial” like depiction of the scenes and the screenplay is a major letdown. The “drag” is so evident and the writer/director keeps the mood gloomy all the way until the end credits. Some lighter moments are genuine and fresh but they are so sparse and small and the relationship between characters is rather flaky and lacks depth.
Sriram is good, Gayathri is adequate as a debutant. Valeena Prince is a misfit. Murgadass as the sidekick brings in a few laughs. Subramaniam is very good.
Iniyan the cinematographer is good. Sai Hari’s background score is OK and the songs very average. Rizaal’s editing needed a few trims. Dialogues are good and direction is fine.
KANNI MAADAM is for the ones who enjoy overdose of sentiments and relationship histrionics..
B.U. Shreesha


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