Produced, written and directed by Mohan G, the movie garnered enough attention over social media as well as enough fodder for television debates as well.

Tamil Cinema of late has had most of its movies paying lip service to social causes and issues that they deem affect the society at large. Hence, you have characters at various intervals mouthing dialogues that are so oblivious to the script. DRAUPATHI, is different in many ways, it is a story that takes on fake marriage mafia provides startling revelations on the modus operandi and also smartly displays the other side of inter caste marriages and the fabricated love in them. A sensitive issue and so you have some images that are morphed and dialogues that are muted so as to not celebrate a particular section. The screenplay is decent and the movie begins interestingly too, but over a period of time the inept execution comes to the forefront giving it a drama feel, not to forget the logical loopholes that are galore. The film is unduly long and is saved by some good work in the climax.

The film could have been better had the casting been more effective, the supporting cast especially the investigating officer and his sidekick are a terrible misfit. Richard Rishi has delivered a convincing performance and shoulders the film well. Sheela Rajkumar has a strong role and is okayish. Karunas and the rest are average.

Manoj Narayan’s cinematography is standard. Jubin’s music elevates the scenes and has done a good job. Devaraj should have spent more time in editing this film. Dialogues are good and direction inconsistent.

DRAUPATHI, ought to be welcomed for its idea and its boldness to portray the “other side” when so much has been said on “one side”. Yes there are flaws abundant but then towards a larger cause it remains an eye opener..



B.U. Shreesha


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