PMT is a crime thriller directed by Duniya Soori and produced by KM Sudhir. The film is purportedly a sequel to the well acclaimed “Kendasampige” by Soori himself.

Kannada film industry of late has seen some intriguing and innovative screenplays and Soori is no different. Soori has a reputation for etching raw frames on screen, and here in tandem with the editor sketches brilliant montage shots that are fascinating to watch as they do not appear fanciful or forced. Again Soori is a master in street scenes and his forte is in full display. You also cannot miss out the names for the characters that are sometimes an oxymoron for the characters played or at times just who they are. The movie moves in multiple angles and characters in the screenplay are complex and numerous but yet vital to the happenings on screen. The film touches a wide range of subjects in subtlety without being preachy. There are many messages that spring in a conversation without being influential. On the downside the reverse screenplay might not find favour with many. With multiple layers and characters it can be some work for the viewers to sync the proceedings on screen. The final message too is nothing new and the double meaning dialogues and the bloodbath can be discomforting.
Dhananjay comes out trumps in the film with a wonderful performance. Especially in emotional scenes he delivers with a lot of intensity. Nivedhitha walks away with the performer of the film award. She is a treat in various hues. Amrutha and Sparsha are equally good and again even the tiniest among the support cast have enacted convincingly.
Technically PMT is impressive. Shekar’s cinematography is wonderful and Charan Raj behind the scenes scores an enthralling background score with interesting vocals. Deepu Kumar’s editing is top notch. Dialogues are good and director Soori yet again proves his mastery over his version of the craft.
PMT is no fun, and definitely not for the faint hearted, it is a film for fans of the underworld films and Soori bhakts. Yes, one more reason for Soori to push the envelope further.

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