JSB Film studios produce this action crime thriller that is written and directed by Rajadheep. Dialogues are by Kabilan Vairamuthu and Chandru Manickavasagam.

The film kicks off with a ridiculously executed heist that is botched further by an incompetent CG team. From then on the script is filled with such blundering sequences that a police crime story on TV would feel slick and sophisticated. Less said about the logic and intelligence the better. The movie drowns itself in a series of vacuous episodes never for once attempting to lift itself to a moment of sanity.

Vikram Prabhu runs and flies around without any credo. Mahima Nambiar’s performance is largely contrived. Subburaju is good. Jagan and Yogi Babu are ordinary as usual.

Ramalingam’s cinematography is bland. Ganesh Raghavendra’s background score is okayish. Simon King’s songs are mediocre. Lawrence Kishore’s editing lacks finish. Dialogues are poor and direction is pedestrian.

ASURAGURU is a below average film that just never makes it beyond being that.




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