Vivarium (2019)

This is one of those movies where you think its going to lead you into this amazing journey, or there is going to be some major developments, and like things are going to get really interesting, which they did a great job of leading the audience into thinking this is what was going to happen. Unfortunately, this movie is like a REALLY hot chick that looks amazing, seems to hit all the marks, but when you finally get her into the bedroom, and she gives you so many hints with her flirtatious behavior that things are going to get hot and steamy and really interesting, yet she ends up being the complete opposite! Boring, typical, nothing unique, and ends up being completely BORING!

I think that is the best way to explain this movie, and since I am a guy, I am using a woman, but ladies, its the same analogy but you can use a man instead of a woman, haha.

I was really excited when I started this because they could have taken this movie in so many different directions and I was really excited to see where they were going to take it. Instead of doing something new and mind blowing which keeps the audience on the feet and wondering what is next I knew what was happening and what would eventually happen and not because someone told me the plot before I watched it, but because this movie was pretty formulaic and basic in so many ways. I was really disappointed because they had a great movie about 40-45 minutes into the film but then it just landed on its face and seemed like the people behind the film either didn’t know what to do with the last half of the movie or just plain gave up because the ending was nothing more than a typical end that just about anyone could have come up with. It wasn’t intelligent, it wasn’t mind blowing, you don’t even really know what ends up happening, and its a pretty sad and lame way to end the film. I won’t give spoilers but be prepared to get enthralled with the film and then totally let down at the end which is why I gave my hot girl date analogy earlier.

The acting was good, not great, but above average. The way the film was shot was good. The type of cameras they used and the angles etc were all well done and kept things interesting.

I really wanted this movie to be great, or even good, but this was basically mediocre on a good day, and the ending was absolute garbage. I have no idea how the director and screenwriter for this film could feel good about such a pathetic and lame ending when they could have done something far better than what they did. Shoot, I could have come up with a far better ending and one that was original and kept the audience wanting more!

Review by TruthSeeker4Life

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