Anjaam Pathiraa (2020)

This is definitely a worth watching murder mystery thriller. The thrilling tone is maintained right from the beginning till the end.

At first, some initial scenes may give an impression that the movie would become goofy as it progresses. But it doesn’t. It maintains the amount of seriousness and logic one expects out of such movies.

There is absolutely no digression from the main story. No songs. No super star heroism. No melodrama.

The plot is one hell of a one. Keeps us really engaged.

Coming to acting, Kunchacko Boban did his part of a psychologist neatly. Then there is a stellar performance from Unnimaya Gopan. There are other excellent performances which cannot be told without it being spoilers.

Music really elevates the scenes and thrills to another level. The camera work was good even though it could have been made better. The editing was very good.

If there are flaws, they are all minor ones. Even though the story/plot is clearly the winner here, some parts in the beginning of the second act made the plot go slow. But it soon gets compensated as the movie goes forward. It can also be said that the last few scenes had some minor problems with logic. But it doesn’t really compromise on the thrills and suspense.

Another minor problem was the character of Sreenath Bhasi. He comes as a young techie. The character is one in which Bhasi has got typecasted. His presence was mainly to give some comic relief. Such a character’s presence cannot actually be justified. But it doesn’t really affect the whole movie. Just a minor flaw. Maybe they didn’t have the confidence to make the film without any comic relief.

The dialogues at some points felt a bit artificial. But for the most part they were good.

All these minor problems are just nitpicking. If you want to see a murder mystery thriller movie with a very good plot, you definitely need to see this.

Review by pm_unnikrishnan


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