Mirage (2018)

What would you do if you are caught in a circumstance where it questions you to choose between what you love the most and what you sub-consciously wish for in life, when time is the only constraint running out of your hand and your decision could change things FOREVER and might be IRONIC? It can change your past, and inturn alter your future. A perfect dilemma!!!

The movie answers the aforesaid question and takes you to a rollercoaster ride of a scientific theory based on time-continuum. One fine day (when a meteor is passing closely to Earth on a stormy night), a woman interacts with a child, 25 years back in time via an old TV set, and tries to save him from death, knowing that a crime has been committed, due to which she accidentally alters both of their past and future. Will she succeed in making things normal is what follows the rest of the movie.

The protagonist of this 2018 Spanish flick did a very commendable job in her quest to fix the missing piece of the puzzle till the end, however the second half becomes quite predictable if you are noticing the details very closely. On a whole, the movie explores how people react to something unexplainable and a plethora of human emotions such as love, loss and sacrifice. It will question you to think about difficult choices presented in life. Oriol Paulo’s direction is top-notch and he has been successful in creating an intrigue and mystery like his previous works such as The Body. The movie is highly recommended to the ones who like fictions based on time-travelling such as Predestination and Coherence (Hollywood).

My rating: 8.3/10

Review by itz_your_vish


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