Sillu Karuppatti (2019)

All forms of love, narrated so beautifully, paired with some quality performances, flawless screenplay, meticulous direction- making this flick, undoubtedly the best movie of the year 2019, pushing aside all the rock stars.

Kudos to Actor Surya’s 2D entertainment for producing the movie and help unearth amazing talents.

4 stories, 4 dimensions of love, 4 different age group lead pair’s, tied together to form a beautiful anthology that is so unique to our Tamil industry and with the amount of claps from the audience, you know it’s been received well with open arms.

You have a content feel of reading a good collection of short stories. The stories have no common link other than it signifies that ‘love’exists in every other person’s life around you, may it be a teen rag picker, a cancer patient, a widower or a middle aged father of 3 children.

Each story is a complete movie in itself. The first story resembles the story of Kaka Muttai, but it talks the innocent purest form of love.

The second story is an absolute treat where the love is defined from a matured girl’s perception, and simply love the chemistry between the two actors. Manikandan does an amazing job and Nivedhitha steals your heart with her cute definitions of what love is. I bet, whenever I see a cornetto ice cream, I am going to think of what love actually is.

The third story has this old aged widower falling for an unmarried old woman, over their turtle walk. The ‘Inji tea with added Dignity’ is sure going to stick to your mind forever. The real life ‘Krav Maga’ instructor and the most handsome Sree ram and the most dignified Leela Samson were an awesome duo to watch.

The best was saved for the last- Samudhrakni and Sunaina, just steal your heart with their 12 years of marriage, 3 children and their ignorance on what real love is. This is the most touchy, hilarious and yet the most fulfilling segment of the short story collection.

The new age ‘Alexa’ sequence has been replaced in the place of the ‘Tape recorder’ sequence from the legend director Balachander’s, inspiring ‘Rail sneham’ TV series. (Remember the climax scene. How could we even forget that). Alexa had been given the counselor role and I could hear the lady in back seat proclaim or may be she is sadly complaining that, “Alexa doesn’t do all this”.

The total credit goes to the director Halitha Shameem. Her sense of humor and perception on Love reflects through the entire movie. Kudos gal.

‘Love and Hope’ are the motto of movie, so it is for the rest of the world and the ones watching the movie.

This ‘Sillu Karupatti’ is indeed an organic ‘Dessert’, that makes the curtain drawing on 2019, a memorable one for every movie goer.

Review by Latha Rajasekar


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