Dia (2020)

“A pure, simple & realistic piece of cinematic magic, evoking very strong emotions!”

After his spectacular debut with the horror movie ‘6-5=2’ which had taken the Kannada movie industry by storm way back in the year 2013, garnering accolades from all over the world and it being remade in Hindi & Telugu, director KS Ashoka is back with a masterpiece! This film which captures an emotional journey of love, will add another feather to his cap.

The story of this film revolves around an introverted girl named Dia and her complicated love life which unfolds in the most unexpected way possible. Dia’s life changes in drastic ways causing her great amount of confusion, emotional stress and also sometimes happiness! The film mainly explores how “life is full of surprises & miracles!”

The way the plot unfolds is truly magical! This film has a very simple screenplay with each of the elements in it being exceptionally pure and natural. It has the power to evoke very strong emotions in you with its realistic look and approach. Due to the subtle nature of the film, the viewer just gets absorbed into the story in no time!

The film captures the innocence of the characters very effectively. There are no unnecessary elements in the storyline and also there are no song sequences, which makes this film connect very well with the class audience or particularly those who appreciate sensible and meaningful cinema.

The director deserves a pat on the back for bringing out this kind of timeless cinema which one doesn’t get to watch usually in Sandalwood. The story plays with the viewer’s emotions, showing the unpredictable nature of life. However at the end, he leaves the viewer dumbfounded with a scene which one would have never even imagined! This one scene could hamper the viewer’s opinion about this film, mainly those who would have been expecting something with optimism!

The background score by Ajaneesh Loknath is soul stirring! Especially the theme song will keep echoing in your ears even after coming out of the theatre! The cinematography and editing is also praiseworthy with many scenes captured beautifully through the camera lens.

Each of the actors in this movie contribute immensely to the success of this film. Kushee as Dia gives out a spectacular performance while portraying the heart-touching emotions effortlessly! Pruthvee Ambaar steals your heart with his enthusiastic performance and he beautifully carries out his role in a calm & relaxed manner. Experienced artist Pavithra Lokesh doles out an elegant performance.
Dheekshith also impresses in a heart touching role.

To sum up, this movie has a powerful story coupled with some heart touching performances, enough to stand out amongst the best love stories that have come up in the recent times! If you like meaningful films & those with very strong emotions, without any bit of commercial content, then you shouldn’t miss this gem of art!

Review by Raghavendra Rao

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