Vikruthi (2019)

“Vikruthi” Malayalam movie.

Based on the true, but unfortunate incident, that occurred on Kochi Metro train.
Eldho is a speech challenged personal, living with his speech challenged wife, his daughter and son.

After his daughter’s critical illness and hospital admission, he was quite sleep deprived and unwittingly slept off in the Metro train.
Sameer, a Dubai returned NRI, a camera-trigger happy, social media activist, clicks Eldho’s sleeping photos and posted on media, tagging him as an alcoholic.

Then the story line takes us through, what Eldho and his family goes through, their conflicts, their public humiliation, their integrity being questioned by their own people.
Sameer, on the other hand, later comes to know about the true facts, to lead a conscious pricked life.

Suraj Venjaranmood as Eldho and Soubin as Sameer are competing each other, to outclass the other, for best performances.

Screenplay has expanded well, from an ‘one line’ real-life event, to a full fledged presentation.

8 on 10 for this comical drama, with an extra touch of reality.

Cigarette is sometimes defined as tobacco strip with fire on one end and an idiot on the other end.

Similarly, social media amateur is the one, with a trigger happy camera-phone on one hand and ‘obsessive craving’ for LIKES on social media, on the other hand.

Statutory warning… Social media addiction is as dangerous as any other addiction… Needs medical attention.

Review by Dr.Shyam Mukundan


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