FOX STAR produces this film, an adaptation of “ The Fault in our Stars” . Screenplay is by Shashank and Sengupta. Dil Bechara is directed by debutant Mukesh Chabra.

For people who have read the book or watched the original obviously would know the way the film progresses, but then for people who are not aware, the film does not surprise you, once you know the setting of the film. The characterization is minimal and tends to take the viewer for granted. An intense story line with a very pragmatic and yet with philosophical overtures, the screenplay staggers offering moments of curiosity and palpitations, but at the same time there are periods where the movie just offers nothing. The characters just switch roles without substance and the hurried proceedings towards the end lack depth.

A story such as this needs strong performance from the actors and DB works because of it. Sushant is at ease, though not his best work; there are frames when you get immersed in his simplistic portrayal. Sanjana definitely owns this film with her innocence, charm and pain. The others are good enough.

Cinematography is by Satyajit Pande is soft and suits the mood. AR Rahman helms the music. The background score is empathetic while the songs are simple. Dialogues could have been better. Editing Aarif keeps it crisp. Direction by Mukesh Chabra is decent.

DIL BECHARA would have been very ordinary film save for Sushant Singh Rajput. Normally we do have to remind ourselves what is played out on screen is fiction and not true, but in this film it is hard to digest reality. Towards the end it’s tough not to feel a lump in the throat…




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