Finals (2019)

“Finals ” Malayalam movie. This is a fictional movie presentation, inspired from the unfortunate road traffic accident and death of national cycling champion Shiny Siles at Manjeri, during the state road championship race, in 2002. This movie comes in the genere of sports drama. Malayalam movies are portraying sports and personalities, more often.

Director Arun has vividly exposed the plight of our upcoming sports persons, their poor living facilities, their training insufficiencies, physical and mental abuse by the coaches and federations. When the champion says ‘every medal we win, pays the bank loans’ … it sums up the pathetic situations.

Rajisha Vijayan as Alice the cycling prodigy has lived the character. Her father, athlete of yesteryears, now a coach , who went to bad fame due to a misunderstanding, is caricatured very well by Suraj Venjaranmood. Niranjan as the very loving, boy friend of the cycling prodigy also did well.

Even though a sports movie, the focus is more on the drama part. 8 on 10 for this collection of unpredictable sequences of events. First half was smooth and developed on cycling and the champion and her villagers. Interval was sudden bolt from the heavens, and a shock. Second half is a comeback wave of these simpletons.

Must watch.Champions are not made overnight. Audience usually fail to recognize their efforts, behind these championships. Champions shed a lot of sweat, tears and blood .. to reach that position. We should support them.

Review by shyammukundan

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