Gultoo (2018)

When I heard Gultoo for the first time, I was wondering what could it mean.
After watching it, and understanding it, I have just 1 word to describe it. Outstanding!!
Typically movies are considered as entertainment, but Gultoo goes to the next level and becomes Entertainment + Information = Infotainment.
In an era where 95% of our lives are spent online , Gultoo may as well be the most contemporary movie produced yet by any cinema industry.
I would classify it as a world movie, and recommend each and and everyone to watch it. This is a very important movie at these times.
Janardhan Chikkanna, take a bow.
Naveen Shankar is a revelation.
Sonu Gowda is elegant and beautiful as always.
Music by Amit Anand is refreshing.
A great and successful start-up indeed

Review by Uday Bhagwat


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