Witness (2019)

My synopsis really doesn’t do this movie justice, because the film is so adorable and moving. One of the main themes examined in the film is the treatment of those with mental disabilities in society. Ji Woo is mercilessly bullied in school due to her disability, but she is widely brilliant too. She can look at a polka dotted tie and in a few seconds can tell how many polka dots are on it. If someone is whispering in another room, she can hear every single word. But because she is not the same as everyone, they treat her cruelly.

Even Soon Ho at first sees her as a child, even if she is in high school. But as he grows to know her and sees her hurt by everyone seeing her as lesser, he sees her humanity. This, I think, is such an important message. We all have things which set us apart from others. One person might have lost a leg in war, or another might suffer from trauma from their past, but that doesn’t make them any less human.

This film does a brilliant job in presenting the argument that, just because someone has a disability, does not give them any less dignity. Because Ji Woo has such a amazing hearing, she can repeat back exactly what the woman says when she murders the man. She is brilliant, she understands so much, and yet it is so easy to say she has autistic and is stupid because of it, even when she is not.

At first in the story, Soon Ho just wants to win the case, even if it means discrediting Ji Woo’s witness statement. However, by the end he truly believes her. Similarly, he is floundering in his personal life, and yet by the end he sees the importance of living life the best way he can.

There is a beautiful scene near the end of the movie where Ji Woo turns to Soon Ho and say, “You are a good person.” He tears up and says, “I will try to become a good person.”

I think all of us are struggling in life to be truly good. It is so easy to be a horrible person, and so hard to be just and wise. And yet often times it takes us meeting someone who is truly different to appreciate life and see the goodness and beauty around us.

This movie is such a beautiful film! Kim Hyang Gi truly shines in the role of Ji Woo. I’ve seen her in Sweet Revenge (drama) and Snowy Road (movie), but this is my favorite performance by her. Equally Jung Woo Sung is brilliant as Soon Ho. The friendship between the two leads is by far the best part of this film.

It is strange how much I loved such a simple movie. There is a relatively small mystery, and a rather simple plot, but it is executed so brilliantly I could not stop watching. This is surprising to me, because I just happened upon this movie by accident and I had never heard of it before. But it definitely deserves more recognition.

What was the most moving film you’ve seen recently? Does this movie look interesting to you? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, follow my blog for more musings and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

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