Gotham Group produces this film that is based upon a novel “Sorta like a Rockstar” written by Matthew Quick and directed by Brett Haley.

The premise of the movie is nothing new. The screenplay too has shades of déjà vu. But then what works for the film are the earnest performances and the spirit of the central character. Yes at times it is sweetness overloaded and very “hopeful”, but on the contrary there are moments in the film that work against melodramatic and romantic clichés. The low key characterizations, the subtle and as a matter of fact dialogues help too. There are no dark roles and the level of decency in every character is too much to swallow as well.

Auli Cravalho is all over the movie and to her credit manages to hold the movie together. The others lend credible support with none proving to be better than the other.

Rob C Givens is the cinematographer putting together a neat presentation. Keegan DeWitt musical score helps. Editing by Mollie Goldstein is good and Haley’s direction is simple and tidy.

ALL TOGETHER NOW is not an overwhelming film, nor is it dismissive. In the times of the pandemic that we live in, it is uplifting in a sense to realize how a bunch of good people can help one instead of the one formulaic super hero trying to help the world.




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