Produced by Venkateshwara Creations “V” is Nani’s 25th film and is written and directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti. Amazon Prime has released this film digitally.

Nani is quite famous for making the right choices with respect to the script of his films. He is also popular for encouraging new talents in Tollywood. But with V, looks like Nani has lost his Midas touch. V is a plot that you can sniff out like a Hyderabadi biryani at a restaurant’s door step. The narration is poor and the characters are lopsidedly etched. The banal romance, action, flashback and the songs drag the movie further down. Climax is no better..

Nani is at ease in a role that is conveniently biased. Sudheer Babu is fine and does what is expected out of him. Nivetha Thomas’s role looks synthetic and she plays it true. Aditi Rao is typecast. Vennela Kishore and the rest have little to do.

PG Vinda’s cinematography is average generally and better in action scenes(esp Kashmir scenes). Thaman’s BG sound score is standard and the songs very ordinary. Marthand K Venkatesh is the editor and should have worried about the length of the film. Dialogues are weak and cliché while direction is daft.

V is a dud commercial pot boiler sold in the guise of a psycho action thriller that escapes a box office failure releasing online.





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