Mulan (2020)

Honestly I’ve enjoyed watching the movie, this is an achingly beautiful movie. The filmakers were deliberate about creating stunning visuals and succeeded – Mulan is one of the most beautiful movies you’ll see this year.but there were many ups and downs

Ups: It’s unfortunate it isn’t getting a theatrical release since it’s a stunning visual spectacle. MULAN is visually gorgeous and one of the better live action remakes. Impressive fight choreography and inspires and challenges its younger audiences every step of the way.

While the film as a whole doesn’t set the world alight, it’s refreshing to see a Disney live action remake at least tweak the plot and characters to liven it up. The cinematography, choreography and sound effects are all high points.

Mulan, enlightened feminists who understand that women empowerment can only happen once they have risen to the challenge and stopped portraying themselves as perpetual victims.

downs: She was flipping through the air, kicking spears out of the air and deflecting them back at the bad guy. & Suddenly all his soldiers disappeared and the villain must burn the emperor alone & the movie got rid of so many good things from the original and they don’t even got mushu or general shang like bruh seriously? I personally hate that mulan is played by a person who supports police brutality…..

Thx for reading, Enjoy watching the movie & judge by yourself 🙂

Review by mommedahmed


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