Enola Holmes (2020)

I can only score it for what it is , it’s not much of a plot, quite dialogue heavy, often relying on amazing settings to distract you from what can feel a long film with many periods of not much happening. It was nicely put together , interesting that MBB got a producer credit, wonder how much she did or if it was an incentive to sign on. I have to admit I felt this was written with her in mind. The rest of the cast were fine, some quirky characters but mostly just plain stereotypes with a slightly more cartoonish quality.

The mom steals a living, the amount of beginning and end films I’ve seen her do where she’s far more absent than present is so odd. Didn’t think this was one of her better roles, without the cooky stuff I don’t find her to be a very good performer. Think I got used to Tim burton versions. The brothers were fine, the villains and accomplices were decent, nothing special but nothing bad. Scenery was awesome.

Only two gripes is yet another woman good men bad vibe. Hopefully when people learn equality means to treat the same not one good one bad in either variation, the world will be far better.

I’m going to be honest as she was in it, I loved stranger things, thought she was phenomenal in that, such a talent, loved her in this her comic timing was great, however I feel this was made with her in mind and if it’d have been anyone else I feel not only less interest but I reckon I’d have scored it 4. I enjoyed seeing someone I like in a new setting which helps, there’s a lot of love for her and rightly so but being honest if you took her out for anyone this would’ve been, boring, too long, weak storyline and just another bang average film.

Review by chrisrowexxx


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