Mookuthi Amman (2020)


RJ Balaji graduates to being a writer and director in this film that is product by Vels International. This film is a Disney Hotstar release on OTT.

MA is a throwback to the 80s and 90s period of devotional movies with the screenplay conveniently forgetting the present. RJ Balaji does not surprise with his writing. The story is largely predictable and is superficial to say the least with the usual “culprits” like “Vijay Mallya” “Mukesh Ambani” “demonetization” who cares if they are relevant. Tamil cinema needs these props whatever the content. The family sentiments work especially the ones where the women take centre stage. Yet again no prizes for the only religion that gets mocked and preached throughout, for the others are holier than thou or is it that they are more scarier and less funny??

RJ Balaji blends into the character that he creates for himself. Urvashi as usual rocks. Nayanthara has little to do except play God. The rest are good too.

Cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan is neat. Girish’s background score is average while the songs pass muster. Selva’s editing could have been better. Dialogues are average while RJ Balaji scores well in direction.

MOOKUTHI AMMAN begins and ends rather tamely with very few interesting moments





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