Killer Toon (2013)

“Killer Toon” is a horror movie with a good atmosphere, nice acting (even if it leans to the over-acting side, especially in the case of Hyun Woo, who seems on a mission to make his eyes pop out of his face), and an interesting story: the creator of a series of webcomics sees how her creations come to life and people start dying as in her stories. The police seem to feel something is amiss and start to investigate her. It all makes for a quite meta and self-referencing way of storytelling, with a good understanding of the creator, their oeuvre and the craziness that dominates their life. Si-young Lee does a great job in interpreting the creator of the comics, Kang, and Ki-joon Uhm also does a good job as the policeman that seems to think there is more to it than just casualties.

Nonetheless, after a first hour with lots of thrills, surprises and wonderful moments, the movie decides to shoot itself in the foot in the last part and it loses its plot, going for an overcooked resolution. It is a pity, because “Killer Toon”, even if it hadn’t made much sense till that moment, had been a thoroughly enjoyable movie. Worth checking, though, even if it overstays its welcome.

Review by tenshi_ippikiookami


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