The Call (2020)

Come on guys, why did you give such a grumpy ending?? It ruined my mood now.

I love time travel movies so much and this was a one of a kind time travel stuffs I had really never imagined! I guess koreans are experts in time travel genres. Story is great characters are mindblowing. They have really researched and developed the characters in it properly. Shin hye is just outstanding. Her acting is just wow and she is super talented. I was in gripped on my bed from start to finish because of her outstanding acting. And the serial killer character was mindblowing too. Both deserves an oscar for her acting. Her laugh is just classic villain.

I think we can expect season 2 of this movie. It will be exciting to see how things turns out again. We can just shhooo the science stuff out of the window for now and get set into creativity in this time travel horrifying movie. This movie is a breakthrough in the genre and deserves lots of awards including oscar.

Park shin hye is a true actor and she deserves the best actor award too for this role. I watched this movie only because of her and the story ofcourse!

I work in MPC hollywood post production department and I love it here. But I am afraid Koreans will take over the hollywood bollywood etc very soon. I want to switch to work into korean movies but we dont have any korean projects here in our studio. So am eagerly waiting to work in some korean movies. They are a delight and treat.

Review by Sunny Anand


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