Alice in Borderland (2020)

There are Series on Netflix that you have high hopes for or just seems good, but end up flat on their Faces when you finally watch it. On the other Hand, there are Series that you don’t have a lot of expectations or know little about, but turn out to be a really big surprise.

This is one of those Series, I literally knew nothing about it, I just tried it out and it turns out to be one of the best Series I have seen this Year. It is a Mystery-Action-Adventure-Thriller about a group of Friends who end up in a Place where they are forced to participate in Games that result in Life or Death.

This Season the Series didn’t really focus too much on the “Why” and “How” the People ended up where they are, it focused more on the Games themselves, and the Experiences, Group Dynamics and Background of the Participants.

Each Game is unique and thus have to be solved in a relatively unique way also. The Pacing, Storytelling, Characterizations, Acting, etc. are all pretty good, there’s not a lot of dull moments in the Episodes, there’s always something interesting happening.

It’s just one of those Shows where, once you start watching, you just don’t want to stop. Truly a Hidden Gem, it is a Japanese Production, not much Promotion, not much hype, hopefully it won’t stay hidden for long. For Science Fiction Fans, this is a Must Watch for me, again one of the Best Series I have seen this Year.

Review by royhectorkabanlit

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