Soul (2020)

I was lucky enough to see this at the London Film Festival, where the film was preceded by a (Zoom) interview with the co-directors and producer. It gave some background information, including the score, new animation techniques, and the challenges posed by the pandemic, that really helped to appreciate the film more. (Seriously, there are some amazing things done with animation.)

Pixar has once again done a beautiful job bringing to life a world that exists only in our imaginations, this time showing their interpretation of what our souls are really like. I actually regularly forgot this was a film for children as it is packed full of jokes for adults (especially millennials, who will be taking their own kids to see this) and poignant, thought-provoking moments. It’s been ages since I laughed so heartily at a film. And yet it also brought me to tears at one point – it is Pixar after all!

I’ve taken off one star because the ending had me feeling like there would be a post-credits scene. But I can understand why they ended the film the way they did, and it was probably more realistic that way.

After so many sequels and prequels over the years, some better than others, it’s nice to see a really fresh concept from Pixar again. It is beautifully executed and I highly encourage everyone to go see it. And support your local cinema if you can!

Review by avril_larissa


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