Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

The movie was disappointing enough, but the only reason I came here to make a review is to comment on the bs propaganda that the critics are making. Variety says the movie was out of control, depicting the enormous talent of Jenkins (…talent to destroy a film). I think somewhere on RottenTomatoes someone said this was one of the best superhero movies ever (Can anyone actually, reasonably, make that a justifiable argument?). BBC said this was one of the most enjoyable blockbuster films since 1984 (That could only be true if you’ve never seen a single, other superhero movie).

….and many more critics posing as the voice of the people, trying to so obviously DICTATE to us that this should indeed be considered a magnificent movie. What mindless sheep that follow the screaming anger of trying to force the public to believe in something that isn’t actually true. I suppose it’s because Jenkins is a female. Wow! Let’s bow down to such greatness.

It’s so disappointing that BS POLITICS IS ALL THAT MATTERS for movie critics. It is obvious and apparent of the simple fact that being a female director is all you need to get great reviews.

These people or organizations, whatever, that claim themselves to be critics, are simply trying to push the agenda that we, the people, should celebrate this movie to be a grand masterpiece, simply for the fact that it was directed by a woman, regardless of the reality that this was really a movie for little kids. Anyone older will not actually be impressed by it – as the true reviews of people indicate to us.

Shall we take a moment to regard an actress who quit the Marvel movies because they didn’t want to stay onboard a sinking ship? Go ahead Portman, go somewhere else to defend lackluster talent in directing movies. What a hero! (haha)

No offense whatsoever is meant to the actors, nor Jenkins herself. It’s the critics that claim this to be such a masterpiece, when in fact, it’s a very poor excuse for good film making.

Review by ds-1973


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