Master (2021)


MASTER is the biggest film post Covid from kollywood. After a lot of oscillation between OTT and the theatres the film finally gets a theatre release much to the satisfaction of the fans of the stars in the movie. The movie is written and directed by Lokesh Kanakraj who has made a name for himself, courtesy his earlier super hits.. MASTER is produced by Seven Screen Studios(read Vijay)

Lokesh is known for his tight script and smart screenplay, but that was when he made movies he chose actors for. With MASTER Lokesh worked otherwise and the result shows. The script is pretty ordinary routine and bereft of any surprise. The premise did have the potential to be a racy entertainer. The first half is a drag and a predictable fare to say the least. It’s towards the interval that the movie gains some momentum. The second half again has nothing interesting to offer. The narration is a lazy stretch and it’s tedious waiting for the predictable climax. The movie lasts a tiring 178 minutes..

Vijay has some new mannerisms in the film. Does it work? Vijay Sethupathi offers nothing new. But it works because the screenplay picks some pace when he is around. Malvika has little to do and so does the long forgotten Andrea. The rest are at their rowdy best.

Sathyan sooryan’s cinematography is effective. Anirudh does his best to set pace to the dull proceedings. The songs are decent. Dialogues are very average. Philomin Raj’s editing is the weakest link in the film. Director Lokesh is not at his best.

Lokesh Kanakraj is a good student of cinema but in this film the MASTER fails him.





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