AK vs AK (2020)

I always look forward to a Vikramaditya Motwane film. He always tries to do something new and there’s no guessing what he’s gonna come up with next. AK vs AK is another experimental but fun film to watch.

After a public feud with Anil Kapoor, Anurag Kashyap decides to take revenge by kidnapping his daughter and films Kapoor’s search for her in real time.

I was curious to see how a film like this would play out as it’s something Bollywood doesn’t normally do. I love the idea of a film being meta and there have been some great ones in the past like Adaptation. AK vs AK had a very interesting concept and whilst it’s execution isn’t completely perfect, I was still pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.

Whilst Kapoor and Kashyap play heightened versions of themselves, it was fun to see the amount of insults hurled at one another with some jokes made about the Bollywood industry. Despite knowing this is a work of fiction, Vikramaditya Motwane and Avinash Sampath sprinkle enough truths to make it seem authentic enough. The experimental reality show style filled with long takes really demands the acting chops of Kapoor and Kashyap. There are some great scenes such as a certain chase sequence and one taking place at a police station which asks a lot from Anil Kapoor who gives it his all. I have to admire the amount of work and effort he put into this role since there was so much he had to do. I haven’t seen Anurag Kashyap act before but he did a pretty decent job with his evil smirk.

AK vs AK has its handful of inside jokes but Motwane doesn’t stop there as he also examines the effect of being famous and the relationship stars have with fans. During his search, Kapoor is constantly asked by the public for selfies and autographs and also has to perform for them before he gets the answers he needs to find Sonam Kapoor. It further shows how the public have the power. Despite enjoying the film, here were some flaws present. By the third act the film eventually loses steam and the end twist did not work for me.

For what it was, I think AK vs AK is a film worth your time. It’s rare to come across movies like this in Bollywood and whilst it’s one of Motwane’s weaker films, I would still like people to give it a try and support inventive and experimental content like this.

Review by ronakkotian


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