Bhoomi tamil movie review


BHOOMI is produced by Sujatha Vijaykumar and is written and directed by Laksman. The movie gets an OTT release on Disney Hotstar for Pongal.
The story of BHOOMI would resonate with the current farmer’s protest though for a totally different reason. As with most Kollywood movies in the last few years BHOOMI too begins and dwells on “linguistic” supremacy, and civilizational antiquity in sufficient doses throughout the film. So now you have the necessary obligatory evil men that you can easily identify much before they happen to announce themselves. Not to forget the ridiculous ensemble of ideas that make this film an eminently forgettable one.
Jeyam Ravi does not fit in his role and is found wanting and pretentious most of the time. Niddhi Agarwal looks her dumbest best in an extraordinarily dumb role. Thambi Ramaiah and the rest make up the required numbers.
Dudley’s cinematography is decent. D. Imam’s music holds on to his typical template. Dialogues are average. Direction is ordinary
BHOOMI is so ridiculous that it spews venom on corporate but gets a “Corporate” release. Will the audience even notice?

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