Ramin Bahrani is the producer, screenplay writer and director of this film that is an adaptation of the Booker Prize winning novel “The White Tiger” by Aravind Adiga.

The book made quite a buzz in the literary circles and this film remains quite faithful to the book. The major drawback of the film is its abject subjection to the book and never for a moment willing to be ingenious. The film is set in the late 2000’s and you still have props that look out of period and plots in an era that does not quite connect. You have the usual “culprits” that are shameful for India and cliché as it may sound, you get to watch and be preached once again. Yes there is humour and the slights come so thick and fast that you get immune to them. The facts are overlooked and screenplay liberties pay its homage to the book. The casting is great and that helps the movie in being more than interesting despite the women having so little to do.

Adarsh Gourav is brilliant in the film; he lives his character and brings it out alive. Priyanka Chopra is good too. Rajkumar Rao is okayish. So are the supporting cast delivering a very decent performance.

Paolo Carnera’s camera work is good but at times inconsistent. Tim Streeto’s editing could have been sharper. Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans’ background score is largely effective. Dialogues are ordinary and direction is plain.

THE WHITE TIGER is once again a visual illustration of the principally elitist’s parody of an Indian narrative that is heavily influenced by a skewed colonial thinking while neither being heuristic nor constructive and solely relying on selective lampooning.




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