The Little Things (2021)

I love Denzel Washington’s movies. He is a great actor- a little one Dimensional but man he is so believable. He is great at his craft.

This movie made me sit up snd take notice. I am a retired police officer and have worked my share of cases. (Not homicide) I recognized the great research of police procedures snd the technical application of them. All cops who see this movie will appreciate the attempt to remain authentic to law enforcement.

The story line was great with a wonderful who-done-it feel. Great dialogue and very well written. The element of being unforgivably connected to a murder that is from the past that is connected to the future that is connected to the past is as profound as it is plausible. Great work.

Deke’s hopes of salvation, in this life and the next, are tied to a young and cocky detective partner that comes to realize forgiveness can be hauntingly elusive.

Watch this movie-it is as about as close as you’re going to get to the frustrations and limitations of real police work.

Review by ddamo-13945


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