Enforcement (2020)

I am one of those who are pretty tired of fake reviews. No need to make fake reviews about this movie, it’s a pretty good movie without the “over the top” reviews made by some random crew or what ever.

It’s not Judge Dredd (as some said) and it’s not pumping action from start till end (also said) but it’s a good solid quality Danish movie. A bit of a gangster feel, but not much really. If this had been an American movie, it would have been just another typical cop movie. But being a Danish movie, it’s not like that and it feels a bit deeper.

You can read all about what it’s about, so skipping all that. I think it was a good pizza-weekend-movie and it wasn’t boring. It had a good story and good acting all over. This is no big CGI movie, and more of a character and story building movie. A big relevant story these days. I believed in it.

I liked it, so did my buds. We agreed on it being entertaining enough and it kept us off the phone. But, one or two almost cracked. Just almost… There really isn’t anything new about this movie, that we haven’t seen before. But as I wrote over here, being Danish. it gave a different feel about it.

Worth checking out! Me and my friends ended up on a 7 out of 10

Review by freddy_at_home


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