Salman Khan Films and Zee Studios produce this film that is directed by Prabhu Deva. The film is written by A.C Mugil and Vijay Maurya. RADHE was supposed to have a huge theatrical release like all SK films for Eid and much to the disappointment of his fans gets an OTT release with the promise of being released in theatres later.

RADHE is supposedly a loose adaptation of the Korean film “ The Outlaws”. There is a sense of numbness that you feel when watching RADHE. Yes, there is a level of juvenile nonsense that is expected out of SK’s mass films, but this film hits you so hard and so early that you remain torpid till the silence after the end credits wakes you up. RADHE can be an assault on your senses if you expose any of it to the film.

Salman khan saunters like an old half filled hogshead barrel waiting to crash. Disha Patani’s role is like that of an animated character that jumped out of a comic strip. Jackie Shroff and Randeep Singh Hooda insult themselves. The rest of the characters add up to the already dumb cast.

Ayanaka Bose’s cinematography is ordinary. Songs are by three accomplished music directors. DSP Telugu remake stands out. Ritesh Soni’s does very little to edit the already short trash. Dialogues are silly and direction below par.

RADHE is 114 minutes of piled up garbage by 100 plus half wits helmed by two nincompoops, the star and the director.





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