Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)

A brand new movie just added to HBO Max. A traumatized and retired firefighter who had to protect a boy from those who wish him dead.

When I saw the trailer, I expected a pretty simple thriller. And I was right. The trailer showed most of the story. The plot was seen a bunch of times before, so there wasn’t any surprises here.

The acting was pretty decent across the board. There wasn’t much complex emotion or scenes that required these actors to show their best.

Even though the plot was simple, I still wanted a decent thriller, and the movie gave me that. There were some pretty okay and intense action scenes, and they were handled well.

My biggest problem was the characters. At the beginning, the movie showed the event that traumatized the main character, played by Jolie. However, I did not see the significance of this event to the story at all. It didn’t impact her character when she was in the action scenes.

Besides the main character, there were minimal development to the other characters. Jon Bernthal was badass as usual, but I didn’t care for his character much, or any other characters.

Overall, a decent thriller, but everything else was average and not memorable.

Review by Movi3DO


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