Ferry 2021

Ferry is an all round entertaining movie that tells Ferry Bouman’s story and life about 15 years before the series Undercover will take place. Frank Lammers as Ferry and Elise Schaap as Daniëlle carry most of the movie. As we will see how their romance started.

Ferry is the right hand of a rich Amsterdam based drug criminal Brink (Huub Stapel). After they get robbed by other criminals, an ordeal that goes bad. Brink sends Ferry to his home region Brabant to take care of matters and have their revenge. We see that this will change Ferry’s life. Some thing he could not have expected to happen.

On the downside i missed a bit in character development. Some of the dialogue and interaction could use a bit more depth.

The pace of the movie on the other hand is on point and will keep you focused. All in all an enjoyable watch!

Must-see for those who have seen (and liked) the Netflix series Undercover.


Review by jophetroot


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