Recalled (2021)

A truly spectacular and emotional performance by the two main actors, Seo Yeaji and Kim Kangwoo, who remarkably kept us engaged till the very end, completing with a heart tugging act that made us reach for tissues to dry our eyes.

Seo Yeaji once again proved to us how good an actor she is by convincingly portraying Soojin, an amnesiac woman who’s vulnerable, suspicious, yet stubborn. Her alterations between emotions, subtle yet detailed acting kept us guessing the reality of what’s occurring while Kim Kangwoo’s charming and attentive Jihoon managed to make us root for him, even when his intentions were unclear till the very end.

The fact that this movie is writer Seo Youmin’s debut directorial is even more amazing as she had done a skillful job to create a well paced, well acted movie that managed to capture everyone’s heart. Congratulations to the Recalled team on a job well done!

Review by 11ovz11


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