Derailed (2016)

DERAILED is another dark action film from South Korea that becomes hard to forget after it ends. It’s a film which is so real in presentation that it’s hard to believe it’s really just a fictional film. It has got a high amount of action and it’s shot extremely well, but it’s a different kind of action film which doesn’t intend to provide merely escapist fun. The darkness and emptiness in life, the strength of friendship, the value of relationships : everything is blended in this film and packaged very well within a duration of just 91 minutes, something many directors, sadly, fail to do even in the 2 hours duration.

Performances by every actor are great and realistic. Direction is superb and there’s that unique “indie film” feel to it. DERAILED is a strongly scripted action film which sadly might not have seen by many people, but nevertheless leaves a strong impact, further haunting you especially after the end. It can even make you cry.

Review by Prashast_Singh

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