SARA’S is produced by Anantha’s Vision and written by Dr.Akshay Hareesh. The film is directed by Jude Anthany Joseph.

SARA’S has a very apropos plot that almost every couple would have discussed and debated. What lets down the film is not the contrived plot but its shallow writing and burlesque characters. Superficial messaging is pertinent right through the film.

Anna Ben does fine and delivers a decent performance. Sunny Wayne is a misfit. Dhanya Varma is novice like. Benny does better among the rest of characters.

Nimish Ravi’s cinematography is good. Shaan Rahman ‘s music is below par. Riyaz’s editing is average. Dialogues are middling. Direction by Jude Josephy is barely adequate.

SARA’S has a decent message but cavalier in approach.




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