Black Widow Movie Review

Not sure what’s going on but I am sure that once you see the film you will also wonder:

Is this movie boring and average OR it’s everything in the mcu boring after endgame..? Or it’s just me…?

I watched black widow and like many reviewers here I share the same thoughts.

This is a very average action flick that doesn’t add anything important to the MCU.

It’s puzzling me because I know the producers are the same like before so they wouldn’t allow flaws or mediocre results.

But the CGI is weird in some shots and the story is weak.

Let alone the boring lines, the unnecessary sarcasm and the lack of pace.

I would ask, why is this film made?

I find it unnecessary, even for the most dedicated fans of the MCU.

I m kind of disappointed because it looks like Marvel’s intentions are not based on quality anymore.

So, if you watch this film, remember not to expect much and you ll save yourself from disappointment.


Review by ThomDerd


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