SARAPATTA PARAMBARAI is co-produced by Ranjith’s Neelam Productions along with K9 studios. Ranjith has written and directed this period sports film. The film was supposedly to be done by Surya and later Arya was cast in the lead role.

It must have been comforting for Ranjith to get Rajinikanth off his back after their successive collaboration in KABALI and KAALA. The film begins predictably, but is interesting with an even tempo and engaging drama. SP starts missing its punches as the film progresses. Switching paths the middle portion in the film looks alien and by the time the film gets back on track enough momentum is lost. It ends up being one of those samey “I told you so” films. Ranjith brings in his usual “culprits” aligned with his beliefs and they are conveniently plugged in. His black and white approach towards his characters gets a little tiring. The writing is mostly featureless after a point despite the imaginative elegy to Mahabaharat’s Ekalavya. There is a bit of edgy politics that is briefly touched upon and a blatant display of support to a particular party that would make the current government and its supporters happy. Lack of a strong antagonist is another downer. At 2 hours and 53 minutes it’s a respite to watch it at home and not the cinemas.

The actors in the film deliver strong performances. Arya shines in the lead role. This is easily his best performance so far. Pasupathy is his usual self and is convincing. The women like in all Ranjith films are loud and talk a lot. Sanchana Natarajan, Dushara Vijayan are good. John Vijay leads the supporting cast and all do admirably fine.

The production design is smart. Murali G’s cinematography is good and deserves appreciation. Music director Santhosh Narayanan is stuck in a runnel and refuses to get out. RK Selva’s editing lacks finesse and the film feels unnecessarily long. Dialogues are OK while Ranjith’s maintains his standards in the direction department.

SARAPATTA PARAMBARAI is a typical Ranjith film, a one man’s fight peppered with Ranjith’s usual “spice” that will suit his fans and for the rest might taste bland.





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