Free Guy Movie Review

This film is fun, funny, and sweet, and I left the theater with a big smile on my face. It has a plot similar to some other films (Wreck-It Ralph and The Truman Show both come to mind), so it’s not entirely original, but it’s based on different media (a GTA-like MMORPG), so it’s still unique.

Reynolds is excellent as Guy, a loveable, naive NPC, and his performance is hilarious. His utter lack of understanding of Internet culture generated a lot of laughs in my theater.

This is a great film for gamers, and it incorporates gaming culture without being overly stereotypical. There’s the classic deadbeat gamer who lives with his mom, but there are also multiple girls shown playing the game and one of the film’s stars is a female game designer.

There’s an amazing Marvel cameo near the end of the film. I won’t spoil it, but it’s a good one. Alex Trebek also makes his final appearance on screen.

The only negative was Taika Waititi’s Antoine. His character is supposed to be annoying, but his scenes are so over-the-top that they aren’t fun to watch, and his one liners rarely earned as many laughs as any of the lines from the film’s other characters. However, the rest of the film more than makes up for this.

If you enjoy gaming and sci-fi and want a film that’ll leave you feeling optimistic, this is the film for you.

Review by norwood-maddie


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