Produced by Kross Pictures and Vignesh Shivan, NETRIKANN is a remake of the 2017 Korean film “BLIND” . The film gets an OTT release on Disney Hotstar and is directed by Milind Rau of “AVAL” fame.

The film has a spicy line, fiery enough to get Nayanthara and her partner Vignesh Shivan on board. A good idea is not even a beginning until something good is made out of it. NETRIKANN remains an interesting plot on paper and on screen it is an exhibition of tawdry writing and appalling screenplay. This supposedly edge of the seat thriller is so insouciant that you can be forgiven for stretching yourself flat. The obstacles the protagonist faces are so conveniently overcome that her handicap looks like a transitory aberration.

Nayanthara tries to overcompensate the flaws of everything in the film and ends up wanting. Ajmal looks more a professional and less a monster. Saran is decent while the rest are a sham.

Production design is mediocre. Rajasekar’s cinematography is at the most functional. Girish Gopalkrishnan’s background score and music does not excite. Lawrence Kishore’s editing is flat. Dialogues are average and direction abysmal.

NETRIKAN is a “BLIND” remake by a “DUMB” team that falls on “DEAF” ears.




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