Bell Bottom(2021) Hindi Movie Review

Bell Bottom, the first notable hindi movie to release after 2 waves of Covid in theatres, is a fast paced espionage thriller with zero dull moments.

Superb storyline having required thrill elements, emotions and drama. Very well researched and made by director Ranjit M Tewari. Some amazing detailing in the film, especially in the 1st half where they show working and training of spies.

Crisp and impactful dialogues which are much required in such kind of movies are present. Some good plot twists in 2nd half.

There were nice emotional moments in 1st half and good humour which was relevant to the movie.

Retro Background score and production design are superb and very suitable for a spy movie of 1980s.

Acting is very believable and controlled by everyone. Akshay Kumar shines always in such kind of roles and looks in top form. Lara Dutta with her unrecognizable makeup as Indira Gandhi is superb and noteworthy. Adil Hussain was amazing in his role. Huma and Vaani both have played their parts well. Villains played their part well. Others were nice too.

Music is decent.

Screenplay is decent to good, a stronger screenplay would have done much more work. In the 1st half screenplay was good and in 2nd half the build up towards climax was superb.

Climax could have been better. Action scene was very good in sandstorm but it should have been a bigger and longer one. Due to such strong build up towards climax, more and bigger action was expected. Emotions in the end were just above average. Won’t make you feel much like Airlift, Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Kesari.

Vfx was avg to good. Doesn’t look bad anywhere but nothing overwhelming too.

This movie surely makes a good theatrical watch and also makes us realise the mindset, love for country and hard work of Spies.

Overall: 7.25/10 for this movie.

Review by haklaster


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