Cinderella (2021) Movie Review

I never leave reviews! But after watching this movie it was hard not to. I love the original Cinderella and majority of the spin offs, but this was horrible. I enjoyed some of the musical songs but there were only a few original songs and the rest included various old and new songs that just didn’t work like ‘Lets get loud”, it gave off a Spanish vibe that just didn’t make sense with the rest of the music and context of the movie. Just found the movie to be pretty long for a poorly presented ‘Cinderella’ storyline and character development.

Also I’m all for “girl power” but it’s a bit much having it brought up basically throughout the whole movie.

Does not deserve the title “Cinderella”, if you want to make a spin off or want to change the entire storyline then give it a different title!

Review by madison-jade


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