LAABAM is produced by Vijay Sethupathi productions and is written and directed by the late Jananathan. The film is a posthumous release.

Jananathan is known for peddling a particular dogma and this film is no different. In this film he educates viewers on economy, free enterprise, farming and what not. LAABAM suffers from egregious execution and horrendous screenplay. The characters are sketchy and the narration is a huge mess while the incessant jumps makes viewing much more annoying.

Vijay Sethupathi is boring to say the least. Shruthi Hassan jumps around like a circus clown. Jagapathi Babu looks disinterested. The rest are just present.

Ramji’s cinematography is nothing to write about. Imman delivers more noise than music. Dialogues are tepid. Editing by Ganesh Kumar and Ahmed is chaotic. Direction is below average.

LAABAM unfortunately is the last work of a decent filmmaker or was it by his assistants??





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