NADUVAN is written and directed by debutant SharranKumar for Cue Entertainment. The film is an action thriller and gets an OTT release.. Sharran kumar is an actor turned director.

NADUVAN makes an admirable beginning. The events unfold slowly but surely with very few distractions. The script stays faithfully to the events on screen. It is post interval that the film takes an unnecessary deviation and then in an attempt to complicate the neat script so far ends up being muddled. The parting shot towards the end fails to thrill.

Bharath is neat. Aparna Vinod is okay in her small role. Gokul Anand is the find and impresses. Aruvi Bala delivers well.

Cinematography by Yuvaraj is good. Music by Dharan Kumar is average. Edited by Sunny Sawrav could have been sharper.Dialogues are okay and direction for a debutant decent.




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